Best Self Youth Golf and Enrichment Program

LEARN Learn valuable skills to play the game of golf | ENGAGE in rewarding academic and enrichment activities | BUILD life-long relationships with peers and mentors

About The Program:

Enhancing Communities through Golf and Life-Skill Enrichment

The B.C.O.M. (Be Counted On Foundation Mentorship) Program is designed to help students become the best version of themselves through golf instruction, academic enrichment, and personal development.

Throughout the spring, summer, fall, and winter, PGA Professional Coach Gerry Hammond will introduce participating students to the structured game of golf, accompanied by academic-based enrichment. As an added growth-related component, a dedicated developmental skills program is provided during the winter months by Green Opportunities Youth Development Program.

Download our Program Brochure here.

Calling all Volunteers, Mentors, and Golf Coaches.

Contact: Gerry Hammond 614-260-0101. (Background checks will be required)


Gerry is someone I can go to for advice whenever I need it, and he is always willing yo help anyone in any circumstances. Once you get one lesson from him, you become his student for life.

Anay Reddy Hammond Golf Academy Student.

Built on a Partnership of Care, Trust, and Equity

The Be Counted On Foundation

is a social impact organization that works with influencers to positively inspire our world through platforms for change. By creating unified change agents, we will create a more compassionate world free of judgment and full of opportunity.

Green Opportunities

is a k-12 youth development curriculum that inspires children to understand the social, emotional, intellectual, and intercultural skills needed to thrive as adults. The enrichment and academic activities reflect S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) strategies while emphasizing personal and cultural strengths that build confidence and individuality.
From grades k-12, children progress through activities, lessons, and consistent mentorship resulting in leadership, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial skills that prepare them for college, successful careers and positive futures.

Millennium Community School

has been in existence since 1999, operating longer than any other charter school in the Columbus, Ohio area. As a public school, Millennium fosters lifelong learning through academic excellence for all students.
Millennium qualifies as a 100% free lunch school and yet, one of its greatest strengths is that it grows youth academically. Outside of the academic day, Millennium offers an extensive extra-curricular program for students and the community children that includes a variety of sports and activities. Millennium strives to be one of the best resources for students, families, staff, and the community.