The Be Counted On

Gerry Hammond
Founder & CEO

From first learning to swing, to achieving college scholarships and professional excellence, award-winning PGA Pro, visionary and change agent Gerry Hammond has been a beloved coach and mentor to hundreds of young people. For over 25 years, he’s used golf as a tool to teach integrity, discipline, academic excellence, teamwork and service.

More than 80 Hammond Golf Academy students have earned scholarships, becoming doctors, lawyers, educators, entrepreneurs, and even professional golfers.

Mission Statement:

Unity is the goal. Compassion is the guidance. Humanity is the gift.

Vision Statement:

We at the Be Counted Foundation believe every individual can change the world. We work to build upon innate and unique human abilities within the scope of Education, Health, Human Rights and our Environment to equip the global race with the skills needed to make our planet a more inclusive and fruitful place to live for all. 


Blue.   Black.   Red.   Yellow.   Green. In The Number’s colors represent unity, showcasing a color from every flag around the globe. We strategically chose this array of colors to represent the unifying identity of In The Number.