Unity is the goal. Compassion is the guidance. Humanity is the gift.

To curate a global “team” comprised of every individual with the mindset that personal and united accountability can enhance the world in which we live.

We at the Be Counted Foundation believe every individual can change the world. We work to build upon innate and unique human abilities within the scope of Education, Health, Human Rights and our Environment to equip the global race with the skills needed to make our planet a more inclusive and fruitful place to live for all.

Partners with groups and programs that create learning opportunities for those who have little or no access to a quality education.

Funds organizations that provide support and resources to people and areas impacted by natural disasters across the globe.

Invests in medical research, treatment and prevention to halt the spread of disease and the control of those we cannot yet eradicate.

Supports important social justice initiatives and the work of organizations that fight to defend human rights at home and around the world.

Be Counted On

Advancing awareness, knowledge, attitudes and behavior among individuals and groups on issues impacting the global community.